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I knew a man,

who showed love to all who would allow,

he shared his dreams,

he shared his pain,

he saw thru scenes,

he saw thru the rain,

he would wonder,

he would see,

he was all,

he could be,

he healed his heart,

he healed his night,

he hoped in part,

he hoped in light,

he knew of strength of spirit's flow,

he knew the peace of…

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Tips to Keep Mind and Body Healthy as You Age

It's no secret that diet, stress, exercise and the environment around you can have a dramatic effect on your physical health as you age. Just as important, though - these same factors can affect the health of your mind, too.

Follow these simple steps as a great recipe for living longer and to reduce your chances of suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's:

Practice good nutrition from the beginning of life. Prioritize healthy and nutritious food for… Continue

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6 Ways to Create Interview Chemistry

Interviewing is a lot like dating. When two people agree to go to dinner or watch a movie with each other, it's generally because they had something in common, found each other interesting and wanted to spend time together.

When interviewing job candidates, interviewers are looking for these same things. They don't want to hire just anyone. They want to hire a candidate who can do the job and connect with others in the workplace. Therefore, it's not enough for job seekers to… Continue

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Your Nerve System and You

Your nerve system is your body's master communication system. Your brain - your body's central processing unit - receives information from every other system. Information on sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is constantly bombarding your brain. Information on muscle activity, placement of your arms and legs and fingers and toes, and the positioning of your joints reaches the brain, nanosecond by nanosecond. Feedback is constantly being supplied on how many new red blood cells are being… Continue

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Eat Breakfast For Your Health

In the time you spend each morning calibrating your hair gel, you could be doing something more important, with a much better payoff: eating breakfast. Mom was right (and it's okay to admit it): Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It keeps you slim: Breakfast eaters are less likely to be overweight than breakfast skippers, and successful dieters are also more likely to be breakfast eaters.

It keeps you healthy: Eating breakfast may reduce your… Continue

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All Natural, Organic, Healthy CheeseCakes, Cakes, Pies & More!

Taylor Made Cakeries' cheesecakes are all natural premium quality cheesecakes. Only Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Pure Cane Sugar were used in the preparation of this taste sensation. We've hand selected the eggs from our local supplier and our Sour Cream is the finest, premium quality that we can find. No fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients were, or ever will be, added to this exceptional dessert! You will notice the difference that true craftsmanship and quality make as the… Continue

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Winter Solstice Retreat in the Canadian Mountians Register Now!

Winter Solstice Retreat in the Canadian Mountains

Listen to the Voice of Your Heart and Your Soul Calling to You

Are you not happy with your life right now? Are you stuck and unsure how to manifest what you want? Do you desire to have more in your life? Do you desire to have more love in your life? Do you wish to know how to create all you desire in your life quickly and effortlessly? Do you want to know the Secret behind the secret to manifest all you desire for your… Continue

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Top 10 Traits of a Master Networker

Here are the top 10 traits that make a master networker, ranked in order of their importance as judged by the respondents.

1. Timely follow-up on referrals

This was ranked as the No. 1 trait of successful networkers. If you present an opportunity -- whether it's a simple piece of information, a special contact or a qualified business referral -- to someone who consistently fails to follow up successfully, it's no secret that you'll eventually stop wasting your time with… Continue

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Radio Show:


The Universal Spiritual Connection®," a great beacon of "Light and Hope," "Bridging the Gap" between all peoples and cultures around the World.

Ms. Leilani Schmidt, a native Hawaiian, is a vibrant speaker and engages the show guests as well as the listeners with a positive and spiritual attitude about LIFE. She pursues compelling and exciting topics and draws out her guests to interact with her…

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Age Younger by Quenching Your Health

Transform tap water into Living Water....Electron Rich....

High Mineral Content....Super Hydrating... Wetter Water!!!

There is no replacement for ionized technology. The result of every move you move (a net spending of energy) creates a positively charged body. The molecules in your body are left holding a positive charge. They are unavailable for future 'couplings' unless we get a new batch of attractive and giving negative ions… Continue

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Give 100%, Plus a Little Hard Work

Becoming Just Awesome - Give 100%, Plus a Little Hard Work

Today, we’re going back to basics. How many of you are familiar with the phrase, “you only get out what you put in”? Everyone, I imagine. We hear it so often we barely raise an eyebrow when someone rolls it out.

Let’s dust off this concept, and I’ll see if I can breathe some life into it for you. The other half of today’s post is about not being afraid to put in some elbow grease. To grow, we must be willing… Continue

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Act in Spite of Your Bad Mood

Becoming Just Awesome: Act in Spite of Your Bad Mood

We’re going to focus on one thing: BAD MOODS. We’re governed by these pesky things. When we’re sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, or scared we too often act in accordance with these feelings and emotions, and it’s not always pretty. Our best selves are not being offered, when we’re in a negative mental space.

Imagine the following scenario: Kevin’s bad day. It starts with Kevin running out of gas on the way to work.… Continue

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The 8 Healthiest Foods You’re NOT Eating

Some foods are just better for you than others. For many years, nutritionists and health professionals have been heralding the benefits of foods such as broccoli, spinach, apples, and tomatoes. These well-known superfoods are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and many people have actively tried to increase their consumption of these foods.

But there are other superfoods that are equally beneficial that you might not know… Continue

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4 Reasons to Kick the Soda Pop Habit

Your Weight

Do you want to lose a few pounds and be healthier? Most of us do. Scientists at Harvard have narrowed in on one of the key reasons for rising obesity in western countries: soda pop. The new study finds that one-third of all carbohydrate calories in the American diet come from added sweeteners, with half of these calories coming from sweetened beverages. They point the finger of blame at the main sweetener used in soft drinks: high fructose corn syrup. It contains more… Continue

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Being Ultra Sensitive

Notes to Myself

The intense energies we have been experiencing have brought out a lot of our shadow side, deep-rooted issues. Any area in our life that remained hidden or buried for any length of time are now coming to the surface to be dealt with. Our dreams may be more vivid and meaningful, old memories resurfacing, people and situations from the past are popping up out of nowhere. What is occurring is that we are resolving the past and healing at the cellular and ancestral level.… Continue

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Moving to Marietta

I have only been in Georgia for about two months. And it seems that everyone I meet wants to ask me the same Question. "So, How are you liking Georgia?"

Now, I don't like to lie, but I also want to be fair. At the moment I have not really made up my mind. It has nothing to do with the people, or the landscape, but it does have everything to do with timing.

While I was living in California, I managed to make quite a business for myself with my massage therapy practice. Not… Continue

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Strictly Business - Insider Tax Tips and Advice for Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Tune in to Strictly Business on on Thursday, December 4 at 3:00 PM (EST) to learn about what you can do if you are a business owner or individual struggling to overcome your tax burdens.

Stop looking over your shoulder in fear of the IRS! Obtain the knowledge to be proactive in finding solutions to break free from the crushing burden of… Continue

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

You start off the off the holiday season by unconsciously consuming a whole crop of candy corn around Halloween, followed by a whopping Thanksgiving meal, and many more days in December of holiday party finger foods and calorie-laden cocktails. No wonder that many of us gain a significant amount of weight from November first right into the New Year. In fact, studies suggest that some people can add upwards of ten pounds during the holiday season.

When it comes to the battle of our… Continue

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Should We Stretch and Warm-Up Before Exercising?

Over the years, we have heard so many recommendations regarding the advantages of stretching our muscles and warming-up before exercising. Most of the advice is offered by friends, personal trainers, athletes, and health care professionals—and most is well-intentioned. However, we also know that it could be conflicting and based on misinformation and misconceptions.

Stretching and range-of-motion movements of at least one or two minutes is usually what many of us might need; although… Continue

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Are You an Entrepreneur? Some Things To Consider!

One recent study of entrepreneurs (William E. Jennings, “A Profile of the Entrepreneur”) asked subjects to rank several traits and attitudes related to business ownership in order of importance. Results showed the most important attributes to be:




Desire and willingness to take initiative






Strong need to… Continue

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