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Addressing the Primary Sources of Conflict

Conflict is a normal, healthy, and useful part of life. At its simplest, it means there is a disagreement or difference of opinion between two or more individuals. In life we can identify two types of conflict: internal and external. Internal conflict, the root issue causing discomfort and the basis which leads to one outwardly expression of it, manifests for several reasons: …


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Bullying Politicians and What We Must Learn From Them

If you've been following the presidential debates, you are well aware of the bullying behaviors of some of our candidates. Gone are the days when politicians debated national and global issues. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, the debates have mutated  into verbal warfare against each opponent. So who is to blame for this vile behavior? Many would point a finger at one candidate in particular who,…


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3 Must Have's That Resolve Conflicts

Conflict is a natural and even healthy aspect of life. It enables us to see another perspective of an issue, to creatively discuss and seek solutions to our differences, to learn to be open-minded and flexible, to practice the fine art of compromise or in some instances to graciously concede to the other party's wishes.  On many levels, it can be a very useful tool for our personal growth and…


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When Silence Isn't Golden

 How many are familiar with the phrase "Silence is golden"? This proverb dates as far back as ancient Egypt, making reference to the importance of keeping quiet under certain circumstances. The first example of it being used in English is credited to the poet Thomas Carlyle in 1831. Certainly there are times when silence is the better option than speaking up:…


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"S~T~A" Away From Anger

I love creating simple strategies individuals can use to experience less anger or stress in their lives, to improve their communications skills, resolve conflicts easier or create inner peace. From the SWaT Strategy* to TECO Magic*, The Great Duck and Dishtowel Debate* or the Seven C's of Conflict Resolution, I find that the simpler it is, the easier it is to remember and apply. My latest,…

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Using Emotions As Tools

Very often people query me as to whether or not anger is a bad emotion to which I reply "No." All emotions have purpose and value. None are good or bad. They simply are. It is how we utilize them, our actions, that determines their positive or negative value. Emotions are messengers that help us better understand ourselves based on how we react to certain stimuli, whether it be a comment or a…


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The Power of Mentors – 7 Strengths to Business and Life Success

Finding an individual who’ll guide you all the way to success can be among the biggest decisions of your life.

A mentor is a person whom you can look up to, somebody who’s been in the same place as you are today & knows how to find his way right to the top. A good mentor could be a person who is successful in his industry & is ready to share his experience with others. A mentor could also be a person who has experienced high and low days and wants to share his strength and…


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Create Massive Growth for Your Business Utilizing Events

Events attract audiences that, in some cases, would not typically be exposed to your product or service. Utilizing this platform for individuals to know more about your brand in a manner that will be notable and create an influx of business still eludes many owners.

Events can be an excellent way to position your brand or test your concept. You may be looking to rub elbows with leaders in a specific industry or to secure an endorsement of some kind.

If you approach an…


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Sarcasm, Fear, and Arrogance

Consider the following scenario: you and your neighbor engage in a political discussion. After a few moments, it becomes apparent that the two of you have serious disagreements about the upcoming presidential elections. Being equally as passionate about your positions, the debate quickly becomes heated. You, a more confident narrator, have more specific points to back up your statements. Her…


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Mediation With a Twist

We all have the opportunity to be mediators at various times in our lives. Two family members are arguing and cannot come to a resolution about the issue in dispute. We intervene and lend a helping hand. Perhaps an objective third part can offer some insights or suggestions that have alluded both parties.…


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"WHY" This Gets Rid of Anger

It doesn't take much for some people to get angry. For others, the process takes a bit longer. There must be certain criteria present before one is willing to relinquish their serenity. For those who fly off the handle rather quickly, there is a simple one word question they can ask before choosing to become irate. The question is "Why?" Not "Why am I angry?" but rather "Why is this happening?" Let me…


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We all argue. Well, for sure we all disagree. Arguing is an option. We can peacefully debate opposite sides of a topic and without having it escalate to anger, shouting, name-calling, and hurt feelin…

We all argue. Well, for sure we all disagree. Arguing is an option. We can peacefully debate opposite sides of a topic and without having it escalate to anger, shouting, name-calling, and hurt feelings. Yet oftentimes it does. When people do not feel as though they are being heard or understood they become upset. They are concerned that what matters to them will be overlooked and their needs will not…


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How To Communicate Rationally When You're Angry

Communication is difficult for most of us. It is one of the most necessary interpersonal skills we need yet few have ever been formally trained in. For most, it's a learn-as-you-go process. What makes effective communicating so challenging is that we all converse on different levels and employ varying styles. To know each person's preferences and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate their…


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Just Say "No" to Drama

It seems as though one cannot make it through an entire day without drama popping up somewhere. Whether at work, in the news, or within our own homes, we are constantly surrounded with chaos and crisis. While some seem to thrive on it, others avoid it like the plague. Not all drama is harmful. Like stress, it can be an opportunity to develop problem solving skills that will also help us in other areas…


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Twisted Tongue: When Others Manipulate Your Words

Effectively communicating with others can present enough challenges without the added issue of one who twists and distorts your words. Below is a transcript of a recent conversation I had with someone (who refers to himself as a member of the black race) on facebook. He posted the controversial  chant "Black Lives Matter" in an attempt to garner support against the recent shootings of black men by…


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Ten Tips to Fight Fair

I'm not a fan of boxing nor professional wrestling. I find that, as in real life, the players don't always fight fair. I understand that much is done strictly to boost ratings but still I find it distressing. In real life it is even more disturbing for much damage can occur when one or both partners gets down and dirty. Conflict arises in every aspect of our lives yet sadly very few of us are taught at…


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How to Start and/or Stop and Argument

Being a part of any relationship for a period of time affords an individual the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't with each respective person. I may be able to discuss politics with Uncle Joe but Aunt Sue? Never! He's open minded to other people's views and enjoys a lively debate. Aunt Sue, on the other hand, is opinionated, is a right-fighter (one who always has to be right as Dr. Phil…


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Creating a Cooperative Company Culture

The latest buzz word in business today is "company culture". It refers, in part, to the overall atmosphere and mission of the company.  Many entrepreneurs begin the best of intentions and hire people who have the same values and commitment to their objective. Yet somewhere along the line, in the day-to-day realities and responsibilities of work, they find that the overall mood of the work environment…


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My Greatest Challenges!! Can you relate?

One of my greatest challenges in business was being able to plan and envision things that were bigger than myself.  With the overwhelm of technology, compliance constantly changing, and lack of funds to hire the necessary skilled help, this has created a deeper challenge of knowing what is the next best step for my business and how to execute…


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Are MY breasts out of YOUR comfort zone? BREASTFEEDING

Since getting back to work as a new mom, I am surprised by our culture around business and family. At this moment, I feel sadness and even anger towards our society that doesn't embrace and support breastfeeding mothers, the way I think they deserve.…


Added by Shannon Burnett-Gronich on February 27, 2014 at 9:00pm — No Comments

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