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"WHY" This Gets Rid of Anger

It doesn't take much for some people to get angry. For others, the process takes a bit longer. There must be certain criteria present before one is willing to relinquish their serenity. For those who fly off the handle rather quickly, there is a simple one word question they can ask before choosing to become irate. The question is "Why?" Not "Why am I angry?" but rather "Why is this happening?" Let me…


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We all argue. Well, for sure we all disagree. Arguing is an option. We can peacefully debate opposite sides of a topic and without having it escalate to anger, shouting, name-calling, and hurt feelin…

We all argue. Well, for sure we all disagree. Arguing is an option. We can peacefully debate opposite sides of a topic and without having it escalate to anger, shouting, name-calling, and hurt feelings. Yet oftentimes it does. When people do not feel as though they are being heard or understood they become upset. They are concerned that what matters to them will be overlooked and their needs will not…


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How To Communicate Rationally When You're Angry

Communication is difficult for most of us. It is one of the most necessary interpersonal skills we need yet few have ever been formally trained in. For most, it's a learn-as-you-go process. What makes effective communicating so challenging is that we all converse on different levels and employ varying styles. To know each person's preferences and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate their…


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Just Say "No" to Drama

It seems as though one cannot make it through an entire day without drama popping up somewhere. Whether at work, in the news, or within our own homes, we are constantly surrounded with chaos and crisis. While some seem to thrive on it, others avoid it like the plague. Not all drama is harmful. Like stress, it can be an opportunity to develop problem solving skills that will also help us in other areas…


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Twisted Tongue: When Others Manipulate Your Words

Effectively communicating with others can present enough challenges without the added issue of one who twists and distorts your words. Below is a transcript of a recent conversation I had with someone (who refers to himself as a member of the black race) on facebook. He posted the controversial  chant "Black Lives Matter" in an attempt to garner support against the recent shootings of black men by…


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Ten Tips to Fight Fair

I'm not a fan of boxing nor professional wrestling. I find that, as in real life, the players don't always fight fair. I understand that much is done strictly to boost ratings but still I find it distressing. In real life it is even more disturbing for much damage can occur when one or both partners gets down and dirty. Conflict arises in every aspect of our lives yet sadly very few of us are taught at…


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How to Start and/or Stop and Argument

Being a part of any relationship for a period of time affords an individual the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't with each respective person. I may be able to discuss politics with Uncle Joe but Aunt Sue? Never! He's open minded to other people's views and enjoys a lively debate. Aunt Sue, on the other hand, is opinionated, is a right-fighter (one who always has to be right as Dr. Phil…


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Creating a Cooperative Company Culture

The latest buzz word in business today is "company culture". It refers, in part, to the overall atmosphere and mission of the company.  Many entrepreneurs begin the best of intentions and hire people who have the same values and commitment to their objective. Yet somewhere along the line, in the day-to-day realities and responsibilities of work, they find that the overall mood of the work environment…


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My Greatest Challenges!! Can you relate?

One of my greatest challenges in business was being able to plan and envision things that were bigger than myself.  With the overwhelm of technology, compliance constantly changing, and lack of funds to hire the necessary skilled help, this has created a deeper challenge of knowing what is the next best step for my business and how to execute…


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Are MY breasts out of YOUR comfort zone? BREASTFEEDING

Since getting back to work as a new mom, I am surprised by our culture around business and family. At this moment, I feel sadness and even anger towards our society that doesn't embrace and support breastfeeding mothers, the way I think they deserve.…


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Skipping The Step of Commerce (solutions for our economy)

Skipping the Step of Commerce

Supply side economics and why it is failing the American People.


I have been very intrigued by the debates lately over tax cuts, jobs, unemployment and our dwindling economy.  I have not heard very many plain concise explanations for WHY the Rights, Supply Side…


Added by Ari Gronich on May 31, 2012 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Understanding The Benefits And Advantages Of Using Autoresponders

If you've reached the point of exhaustion trying to keep up with answering the mountain of e-mails that threatens to bury you alive every single day, you're ready to learn about autoresponders.

The bad news is that people expect prompt replies to their e-mail inquiries. However, unless you can figure out how to work continual 24-hour shifts, or hire enough people to constantly monitor incoming e-mails (while they're eating up your revenue), you have a problem. The good news is an…


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10 Principles To Apply In Building Your Online Business

In the years I've invested myself in dedication to the business of Internet Marketing, I've observed that though technologies and different fields of expertise appear and recede overtime like any other ever-changing business outlook, only timeless, universal principles remain.

The first and foremost characteristic of Internet Marketing is automation. Alex Mandossian once said that "Internet Marketing is meant to train us as lazy workers but high thinkers." We are constantly thinking…


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3 Big Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail And Ultimately Disappear

1. Quite often, the entrepreneur has no idea how to market/sell the product without offending anyone. Even though they may be a great inventor, importer, writer, etc., they don't know how to create a benefit-oriented sales message because they are not in touch with their customers.

2. They grossly overestimate the demand and importance of their product in the marketplace. Many people think they have a winner, something everyone in the world needs. Generally, products appealing to…


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The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Are you sending conflicting message to the Universe? 

Let me give you a bit of context for this week’s Soul Conversation, I spend about 20% of my time connecting with women in my target audience online on a weekly basis.  Connecting and getting to know the amazing women in my Virtual world…


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Steps to becoming a Conscious Business

Becoming a conscious business requires courage and an open mind. It means questioning existing practices to seek ‘something better’; The process can be initiated by introducing changes in the workplace, fostering an adaptive and resilient community that values intelligence, creativity, and integrity in every member. Once this is done, the first step to becoming a conscious business has begun.

A conscious business requires --

Conscious organizational culture – A… Continue

Added by Abhijit Banerjee on September 8, 2009 at 2:35am — 1 Comment

CLP Atlanta Announces NEW CHAPTER PRESIDENT & Sept Event!!!

Conscious Living Partnership Atlanta Chapter was founded by Paula Clancy an original member from Florida. She has been instrumental in getting the community to see the vision of coming together to support each other. As in the "Lesson of the Goose", we share leadership and now we are excited to introduce our new… Continue

Added by Conscious Living Partnership on August 31, 2009 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

Marketing Face to Face All Year Long

Did you know that Conscious Living Partnership brings businesses, like yours

together monthly? Join us in your area for networking, education and fun!

We are committed to building our conscious community together and providing

marketing services ALL YEAR long.


Here is our Broward County Meetup

Here is our Boca Rota Meetup…


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Leveraging Business

There are only 24 hours available to use in each day of the week. We can use those 24 hours in whatever way we choose. It is a fact that it is a basic requirement to maintain a healthy body and mind by sleeping seven or eight of those 24 hours. That leaves just 16 hours in each day, for work, play, errands, social and family time and all the other things one may want to address in life. For people who work in traditional businesses opportunities, five or more days each week, a great deal of… Continue

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Have you wasted all your money on ineffective marketing?

Shannon Burnett's CLP "Extreme Results F-R-E-E Press - Get YOUR Word out NOW!" Bootcamp was a huge success in Boca, now we are holding it in Brevard and West Palm County in October!

You Must Act Now Before It Is Too Late - For You and Your Business



October 3rd - 9 AM - 5 PM

Melbourne, Florida

October 10th - 9 AM - 5 PM

Boca Raton, Florida

Have you… Continue

Added by Shannon Burnett-Gronich on July 15, 2009 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

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