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As a Life coach and spiritual adviser I have been asked about my teaching approaches on forgiveness.

The first is to find, express and confront the pain or suppression. People have a habit sometimes of pushing bad experiences and painful memory’s down. Some are in total denial as a way of avoiding added memory’s or insecure feeling that may cause discomfort or uncomfortable feelings and bad memory’s to arise.

It helps to talk to an outside person a lot of times about the problem so they can evaluate it from both sides. As a counselor it is important to evaluate each side with  no judgement. It is funny that sometimes the person that you are holding a grudge against may not even be aware that they have offended you or that they have hurt you in some way.

Suppressed negative feeling of any kind need to be addressed and let go or transcended into a better feeling. I would teach them that suppressing and harboring bad feelings will only hurt them the most in the end. I would also inform them that it is okay to get angry if some one has wronged them or others. They are acting out of negative vibrations with intentions to harm. The key to this is to allow the feelings to come and then just let it go. Offer and encourage yourself to forgive them for their shortcomings.

Their weaknesses, immaturity and lack of knowledge and compassion is a reflection of how they are feeling inside. This is not your problem to deal with. They are most likely going to need you to be the bigger person by showing them how to react to people who are wrong and wish harm you or others.

We all have a choice as to which feelings we chose to accept, what thoughts and vibrations we chose to harbor. As it is known, like will attract like feelings. It is the law of the universe. Regardless of what you may think we can have control over our thought patterns. We need to confront our feeling and ether embrace them or just let them go. No one is perfect and if the shoe were on the other foot you would only hope for forgiveness for your short comings. As says do unto other as you would have done to you.

You now have been given a unique opportunity to be a super hero and make the world a better place. Show people the depth of understanding and unconditional love you can offer  them. You will be surprised the people who are watching you and will follow your lead.

This whole pattern of thought reactions and forgiveness will in itself  trigger a like vibration to you that will feel so much better than the alternative negative suppressed feeling that you have been holding hostage.

You may experience that this person confronts you and opens up admitting that they were wrong and did not mean to hurt you. Then asking you to forgive them. They may even start to tell you the real reason they act out of negative vibrations. This will allow you to understand better what they may be going though and offer advice and compassion to help them though their situation.

Sometime people and situations are put in front of us as a tool to learn and grow by If we choose. Teaching us how to be better human beings. We set examples for others to follow with our reactions and thoughts.

Forgiveness is a blessing from the Master of the heavens teaching us how to forgive there for leading us into truly knowing how to love and forgive yourself.


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