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I just recently joined this group and thought I'd reach out to share our green product: biodegradable bags. Our two main Bio-Product Series are: the 1) Bag/Film-Series & 2) Agri-Series (specific for agriculture and horticulture). Some end products that are currently being produced include:

- Retail Bags & Garbage Bags (All-sizes, colors, thickness, etc. Used specifically for compost collection or as a substitute to the traditional bags - reducing the dependency and harmful effects of Petroleum-based plastics. Great place to infuse the bio-plastics are at the local farmer’s markets, large supermarkets, retail and wholesale stores, and with the waste-management service providers, etc.)
- Pet & Equestrian Waste Bags
- Tablecloths (Our innovative product that is perfect for conventions, community settings/events, conferences, etc. which also have a second-life as a garbage/composting bag)
- Seedling Pots & Mulch Films(Protecting seedlings, reducing product loss, and decreasing labor costs)

With our cutting edge resin, we believe our the 100% Biodegradable & Compostable bags, films and seedling pots can be easily incorporated. We are looking to add value to our project/s business to increase green initiatives...

As the manufacturer, we strive to provide the absolute best quality products for the most competitive prices to all our customers.  Our goal and primary effort as a company has always been and continues to be product development and innovation with our unique copyrighted designs that make lasting contributions to our customers.

Please help me to support to save our landfill problem due to the plastics issues. Let me know if you need additional information and if you know companies and business that would benefit from our product line. Your enthusiasm for eco-friendly choices will encourage those around you to do the same.



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