Letting go of the Illusion of control requires self-observation.

Letting go of the Illusion of control requires self-observation.

The source for all anger is our inability to control something or someone. Though we can influence the outcome of an event or the actions of another, very rarely can we ever control either. The idea of letting go of control might challenge one’s ego at first, as it’s very nature is self centered and needs it’s power from others.

Today I pose a possibility for you to explore. Find yourself being your own observer. If something or someone causes contraction in your physiology, (tight chest, breathing changes, sweating, increased blood pressure, etc.) feel it then see it as a witness of yourself . I suspect you will see how much of your power you have given away the false belief of control. The body is an amazing barometer to tell us when something just isn’t right.

Listen to it!

Take the power back that you give to emotional stress and circumstances beyond your control. Control is an illusion and the only things you can control are your internal responses (feelings/reactions) to an event or belief. I know this might be challenging at first, but try it. It might work for you. Good Luck!

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