Sample Our New Gourmet Coffee with Healthy Functional Benefits & Get A Pack FREE ! ! !

First ever Gourmet Coffee with Healthy Functional Benefits!
...the first full line of functional healthy gourmet coffee that's brewed.

There is a Function for Everyday and Every Lifestyle.

Immune Plus Multi-Vitamins * Diet Plus 62 * Energy Extreme 62 * Focus Plus Multi-Vitamins

We are focused on having the best healthy functional gourmet coffee on the market and is proud to present 2 oz fractional packs that guarantee the freshest cup of coffee. Each pack makes 10 - 12 servings each (one pot of coffee).

Immune Plus Multi-Vitamins
Packed with vitamins and minerals and fortified with Echinacea to support and build your immune system while still giving you the vitalizing benefits of caffeine equal to a regular cup of coffee.

Diet Plus 62
Only 100 calories, no trans fat, fortified with our proprietary blend of supplements formulated for appetite suppression, weight loss and that extra kick you need to get through your workout.

Energy Extreme 62
Fortified with green tea extract, niacin and extra caffeine to WAKE you up, GET you up, and KEEP you up throughout your active day.

Focus Plus Multi-Vitamins
Stay focused and alert with a healthy serving of vitamins and minerals and the brain-boosting qualities of alpha-GPC and caffeine equal to a regular cup of coffee.

Try All 4 Of Our Healthy & Functional Beverages
When you purchase a sample of any of the healthy functional gourmet coffees above, get one equal bag of our Original Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee for FREE!

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Thank you!

Have a Healthy Day!

Pete Taylor 3
Founder & CEO
Your Complete Circle of Health: MIND, BODY & SOUL

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