Well it has been a while since I've written and as I reflect back on how blessed I AM to have created "The Roadmap Principles, 7 steps to getting your shift together" which can be achieved in 7 seconds! The Roadmap has helped me in so many ways. Last year I decided that I would manifest my desires to sell my "shalOM hOMe" to the perfect buyer and move up to Palm Beach county after my youngest turned 18 and when both my children would be off to college. However I knew my timing wasn't so good with the market conditions and I was also contending with a labral tear I had exaserbated while creating Freedom Dance. It turns out I was cut off from the things I loved ~ I couldn't dance, couldn't teach yoga and had arthroscopic surgery on my hip in February and I couldn't travel up to Palm Beach to find the perfect new home. Tapping into the power of The Roadmap had deepened my connection to my "core" while my mind and my heart danced into clarity, harmony and integrity. The home went up for sale in mid March, while my bedroom looked like an infirmary... I had a CRP machine, walker, crutches, Ice machines, heating pad, nurses and therapists coming and going, wires everywhere and my daughter who would refill my ice machine and make us food was already over worked as the Editor And Chief of the Yearbook for her senior year in high school. Life was very chaotic but I knew that in June Jenny would be 18 and in August both kids would be in college so the sale sign went up and my intentions were crystalized! My contract was signed in June, just in time for Jenny's 18th birthday and before she went off to college. I sold the home August 3rd, two days before Justin, who was home from his first year of college, could go back to college! Moving forward with the 7 steps has provided me with yet another "blank canvas". Being raised in dade county, raising children in broward county ~ I am sensing that I will raise the vibration, raise eyebrows and awareness of Palm Beach... That's all for now as I'm off to Brazil for some much deserved R & R

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